We are working on installing floor finishes on our kitchen-bath remodeling project. The owners decided to have us install new red oak flooring in the kitchen. They were considering several other flooring options, such as a thin aggregate floor, ceramic tile, etc. But I think their decision to go with red oak flooring is a good one. We installed the floor unfinished and will sand and finish it in place. We will probably use a stain on the floor. Full 3/4″ hardwood flooring with three coats of site applied floor finish creates a very durable floor.

We are also working on ceramic tile in the floors of the bathrooms. The main floor bathroom has the tile installed and is waiting to be grouted. This is a very pretty small hexagonal ceramic tile with a few accent tiles.  I like the owner’s selection for this bathroom. Too large a tile can make the room look out of proportion. This type of hexagonal tile suits both the smaller bathroom and the house architecture very well.


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