Last night my wife Ellen and I spent the evening on Bridge Square in downtown Northfield.

Community National Bank hosted the event in honor of their 125th anniversary. (See the article in the Northfield News.) They had the Barbary Coast Dixieland Jazz Band playing, games for children, the Lions distributing food, a raffle for gifts…..a great event.

I ran into Bob Bradford, the former owner of the Northfield News. Bob now lives in Minneapolis but came down for the bank event. Bob said he had been over and took a tour through the remodeled Northfield News facility and couldn’t believe the job we did there. He said he thought about remodeling many times but never dreamed the space could be so good looking and functional at the same time.

I also talked with Steve Sanderson. Steve is on the Board of Directors for Community National Bank. We worked with Steve on a nice addition to his home a few years ago. Steve said I should come by and take some photographs as the addition looks great with the landscape work all finished.

Another person at the gathering told me how much she admired the work we did for Bob and Cora Scholz. She said the addition cannot be picked out from the original home.

It is wonderful to be out in public and get such great comments about our completed work. In a small town like Northfield “word of mouth” advertising is a powerful tool. 31 years of providing quality construction services to Northfield leaves a huge amount of completed work in place. Neighbors are always aware of what is going on, and our happy, satisfied customers often generate more work for us by their kind comments.