Is it Time to Replace Your windows?

Windows in good condition provide beauty, comfort, and energy efficiency. Many factors can affect how long your windows last, but the average lifespan of a window is 15 – 20 years. Determining if your windows are performing well isn’t always easy. Below are four symptoms of poor window quality to watch for and some helpful links about how to select replacements.

Signs that it’s time to replace:
– Condensation: You probably notice condensation in the winter when the air is cold outside, and humidity is high inside. The moisture shows up on windows since they are the coldest interior surface. Improper home ventilation can cause increased interior condensation. The excess moisture can lead to mold, rot, and warping. If you notice condensation between the panes of glass, you have a much bigger problem. That space should be filled with an insulating gas and have an air-tight seal. While interior condensation can be remedied before it causes significant damage, condensation between the panes requires replacement.
– Broken Glass: This is the most obvious sign that replacement is necessary. A broken window not only lets in moisture leading to mold and mildew, but it can also let in pests.
– Drafts/High Energy Bills: In Minnesota, we definitely get both extremes in temperature – bitter cold and humid heat. Make sure your HVAC isn’t working overtime to heat or cool drafts coming in through a window sash. If you close the window and lock it and still feel a draft coming through, you might have a problem that requires replacement. Also, you might notice more outdoor noise!
– Decaying Frames: Those dark spots in the wood surrounding the window panes shouldn’t be ignored. Rot and mold not only look bad, but they also affect the structure and performance of the window.

If new windows are in your future, Northfield Construction Company can help you review some options for the window style, frame, and glass. If you’d like to learn more about windows, including terms like glazing, gas, and U-value, here are some helpful links:




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