100_3369 With the primer and first finish coats of paint applied, we are starting interior trim work at our East side new home project. The trim in this home is red oak. In keeping with the Craftsman style of the home, we have tried to keep the trim simple. We are using flat casings around the windows and doors. The head casings are slightly thicker and wider than the side casings, allowing the side casing to butt into the head casing. Craftsman homes didn’t use many mitered corners. Trims were designed so that average craftsmen using standard tools could create pleasing designs. I think this is being accomplished well in this new home.

100_3367 The interior doors in the home are solid three panel oak units. This style of door blends in well with the Craftsman style. Our base trim is also flat trim without any embellished routing or molding applied. The hardware in the house is oil rubbed bronze which has a dark patina.


The mechanical equipment has mostly been set in place and connected. We are now100_3371 running the permanent heating system. To do this we first clean the house well and then cover all the duct openings with filter fabric. That keeps the duct systems clean.

Next week we will be working on wood floors and starting to set cabinets.


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