100_1769 The interior trim work is moving along well on the rural Northfield home that we are constructing. This is a100_1768 decent size home, with about 3,500 finished square feet so the drywall and painting work has taken a bit of time to complete. The first couple of coats of finish paint are in place now, so we have moved on to installing the wood trims. Once the trims are all in place the painters will apply the final varnish to the wood and the final finish coat of paint to the walls.

100_1770 The mechanical contractors have been busy getting their equipment set in place. The home has radiant hot water heating tubes imbedded in the lower level concrete floor. In the picture at left you can see the red heating tubes coming out of the floor. The heat source for this system is a small electric boiler. The boiler is connected to an off-peak electric meter with lower cost electricity, making this heating plan a very efficient, cost effective system. 

The exterior of the home is stucco. That work has not started yet, but should start100_1772 shortly with the installation of the galvanized mesh.