100_2237The interior of the Faith Lutheran church addition and remodel in Dodge Center is moving along very nicely. The carpenters have been focusing their attention on interior trims, and door, millwork and cabinet installation. Some of the offices have great new bookcases.

The sanctuary is really shaping up. It has a very highext 030 ceiling that raises up from the entrance areas to the chancel area. The ceiling has lots of lighting that is controlled with dimmers to provide any lighting environment needed. There are drywall soffits along the rear walls that enclose mechanical systems. These soffits were framed in a way to provide varied surfaces to help sound control. Overall I am very impressed with the look and functionality of the sanctuary.

ext 034 Carpet and flooring is being installed as well. The new100_2241 toilet rooms are tiled and the plumbers are busy setting fixtures. These new areas will be greatly appreciated by the congregation.


100_2236 The former sanctuary is being converted into a gathering space that will work well in handling larger groups for the church. This room had structural roof truss frames that were carefully retained.