100_1177 As you may know, construction work starts early most mornings. One of the advantages to that is that I get to see some beautiful sunrises. Yesterday morning I captured this scene as the sun started to peak up over the business across the road. Spectacularly beautiful and powerful!

We have constructed the lower level walls and installed the structural steel beams in the new house we are constructing south of Northfield100_1178. We are incorporating what we call “I-joists” for the floor system in this home. These are joists made out of plywood and oriented strand board material. The joists are straight, won’t twist or turn, and pretty much eliminate floor squeaks. They are an environmentally friendly product that work very well in this application.

100_1180 Another interesting product we use with I-Joists is an insulated rim joist. This product is 2-1/4” thick and consists of two layers of structural wood panels with high density insulation sandwiched between. The insulation is the green strip in the center of this photo. This product creates an air tight, well insulated assembly all the way around the homes floor system. It costs a bit more than conventional rim joists, but it is a high-grade assembly that will save energy for years. Our wall sheathing will cover the outside of this rim joist, and the cement stucco finish will cover that. It is important to make sure the edges of the floor system are well insulated and draft-free.


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