How to Use Houzz to Your Advantage

If you have typed “home renovation” or “remodel ideas” into an internet search bar, the results were probably overwhelming. Not only that, but the options provided may not have aligned with what you’re looking for.


What if we told you that there was an easier way? Houzz is an online platform that blends the familiarity of social media with the services and ideas you need. As a company presence on the platform, we recently received a badge because 100 people saved ideas we posted!


Once you create an account on Houzz (you can link it to your email or a pre-existing social profile such as Facebook, if you prefer), you can select certain areas you’re most interested in exploring when it comes to home improvement. After that, you are provided with a personalized feed (similar to that of your favorite social media platforms) that lets you browse and pick through established blog posts and ideas that will aid you in understanding what you like as well as what you don’t.


One of the most helpful features on Houzz is the ability to create your own “Ideabook” (you can make multiple). This allows you to isolate specific projects and categorize the products, photos, and other elements that inspire you.


Houzz can continue to help you after the ideation phase as well. You can look at their cost calculator, checklists and even participate in online discussions that generate great advice. Houzz connects you to construction and design in an efficient and engaging way.


We can help you learn more about it! Gather up all your ideas from Houzz and call Northfield Construction Company to get your home improvement projects started!


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