Ellen and I have been acting as a local host family to a Carleton College student. Marcel Gozali is from Singapore and is a first year student at Carleton. He is a wonderful young man and we are thoroughly enjoying getting to know him, and to learn about Singapore and that area of the world.

On Monday of this week Marcel gave us a special treat—-playing a two-stringed musical instrument for us. The instrument is called an erhu. Marcel explained that name is an English version of a Chinese word. Marcel is a talented musician on this interesting instrument.

It is a truly amazing instrument. As I said, it has two strings. The bow hairs are between the two strings, so the bow, which resembles a bow used on a violin, cannot be removed from the instrument. The bow is pulled across the strings and fingers are moved up and down the strings to change pitch, much like a violin. The sound box is very small and is covered with python skin, but the sound emanating from it is powerful.

Marcel is going to play the erhu at the Northfield high school this Sunday, February 11th at 6:00PM.


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