Home Remodels That May Require a Permit


While not all home remodels require a permit from the city, some do. We’ve put together a short list of items that may require a permit depending on where you live (building codes vary from town to town). Confused about which permits you need? Talk with your Contractor. They will be able to help you obtain the right permits for your home remodel or new home construction. To obtain a permit for a home construction project yourself, visit your local town hall. To learn more about the Northfield, MN Building Codes and applying for a permit visit here.

New Construction – If you’re planning on adding onto your home or building a new house, you’ll definitely need a building permit from the city. Your plans will have to be reviewed by city staff to verify they meet code requirements. This includes any additions, structural changes, or alterations you plan on making to your home.
Decks or Finished Basements – Anything that changes the footprint of your home will definitely need a permit before you begin construction.
Window Replacements – While not all window replacements require a permit, some do. For example, if you plan on adding a new window, you’ll need a permit for that.
Fences – Fences don’t necessarily require a permit, but some municipalities do have a height restriction on non-permitted fences. If you plan on building a fence higher than the restriction, you’ll need a permit before you begin your project.
Roofing or Siding – Most cities require a permit for roofing or siding projects.
Plumbing or Electrical Work – If you’re installing or removing any mechanical or plumbing on your home, a permit will likely be required.
Demolition – Planning on tearing down an existing building on your property? You’ll definitely need to require a city building permit before starting on any demolition project.


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