Last week we started another home remodeling project. This one includes two exterior deck and interior kitchen and related remodeling.

We started work with the deck. Decks are a fairly simple project but one that must be properly constructed. When things are done poorly or improperly you read about decks falling off homes and people getting hurt. This deck is supported on 6×6 rot resistant treated timbers supported by concrete foundation piers. The joists are also rot resistant lumber and are supported with the correct type of joist hanger when necessary.

Most of the decking has been installed. For this job we selected a product called Trex. It is made from wood fibers and resins and is very decay resistant. Special screws are used to pull the decking tight without creating ‘mushroom’ bubbles around the screw heads. Trex comes in several colors. We are using the Winchester gray product here.

The 6×6 support timbers extend up above the main deck. They will be used to support a pergola. Stay tuned.


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