We are finishing up the small home remodeling project we started a couple of weeks ago. You may remember that this project involved removing some 1960’s era wood paneling from around the fireplace in this 1920’s bungalow. You never know what you will find once things are uncovered again—did the carpenters avoid damaging brickwork? Did they avoid damaging the walls significantly? In this case we uncovered walls and brickwork that were in good shape. We patched and painted the walls and fit a new mantle to the fireplace, restoring the wall to the 1920’s condition it originally started with. It is nice to have good surprises in remodeling sometimes!

The music room ceiling was removed and replaced. While we had that ceiling open we beefed up the joist system and added several electrical receptacles. When a ceiling is open in a two story house it is very easy to access electrical and data receptacle installations in the rooms adjacent and above. We finished the room with a nice wood cove molding at the ceiling.

Finally, the bay window seat was removed. That was also a 1960’s modification that just did not suit the room. The floor extends out in this bay so it is much nicer to have the full impact of the bay window in the living room.

This was not an extensive or costly home renovation project. But it provides great improvement for the homeowner. Nice fresh walls and trims in the living and music rooms, with new flooring, will be appreciated. We also attended to a new water heater, many electrical upgrades and some energy improvements. Let me know if we can assist you with a project at your home.


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