Monday we started work on another small remodeling project. The home is a nice 1920’s Craftsman style bungalow. Our work mainly involves ‘cleaning up’ the wiring in the home, installing a new ceiling in the music room and restoring surfaces in the living room. When we exposed the structure in the music room ceiling we discovered that the floor joists are 2×8’s set at 24″ on center. That doesn’t meet current building standards so we will add additional support. Framing that is over stressed is what contributes to cracked ceilings. New added joists should correct the span and eliminate future potential problems.

We removed a wall of thin wood paneling that probably was installed in the 1960’s. You never know for sure what you will uncover when removing paneling. In this case the brickwork around the fireplace was in remarkable good condition. We will remove the framing supports, replaster the wall areas, install a new mantle and trims and generally restore the area to the way it looked in 1920.

One of the challenges of remodeling work is figuring out how to protect the floors. Many of the homes have nice hardwood floors that we don’t want to harm. Canvas tarps and covers only protect against scratches….not against dropping things on the floors. Some years ago I was looking at a pile of left over political signs and realized that they have a nice corrugation which creates a cushion. They are vinyl so they are light, easy to haul around, and can be cut and taped together. So from now on I save old signs and re-use them as floor protection on our jobs!


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