Saturday was a great day for the Northfield Home and Garden Show. Temperatures were cool outside so people were not able to be out doing yard work, and the sun was shining so they were eager to be out and about. Many, many people stopped by the show at the Northfield Ice Arena.  I staffed our booth there all day and had a fun time talking with past customers, meeting new people. and visiting with people from neighboring communities. I created a power-point slide show of projects completed over the past few years that people enjoyed looking at.

Leif Knecht of Knecht Nursery was there with a booth showing landscape possibilities. Leif also conducted a seminar during the morning addressing all sorts of ideas for yards, how to properly plant trees and shrubs, etc. I heard from several people how much they apprciated the seminar.

Before the show started at 9:00 took the opportunity to stroll around and visit the vendors. Many of the vendors are firms that we use on a regular basis in our construction work. Mark Graue, the manager for the local Lampert Yard was there with a booth full of building ideas. Lampert Yards supplies lots of lumber and building materials for our projects. I ran into Mike VanHaren who handles Reward insulated concrete forms. Mike and his crew often construct foundtions for our projects. The Reward foam forms create foundation walls that are strong, energy efficient, and quick to erect.  The staff from Cannon River Tree Care was there too. We use them for tree clearing from time to time. This winter they also handled lots of ice dam removal from homes in the area. They had some interesting chunks of trees that had various items of iron imbedded in the bark.

Overall I thought the show was a success in its new location. If you missed it this year plan on attending next year—-the last weekend in March.