Heritage Bank: Project Overview

Located just off Highway 3 on Clinton Lane in Northfield stands the newest branch of Heritage Bank. The Northfield Construction Company team worked on this building from the bottom up since its groundbreaking in April of 2019 to the day they opened their doors in December.


Those months of hard work paid off, because the result is a beautifully polished modern bank with a sleek finish. Natural light streams through the building’s various window installments, creating a feel to the interior space that is both open and inviting. This layout speaks to Heritage’s commitment to community and every one of their clients. They are locally owned and operated, and we were happy to help make their goal of expanding into Northfield a reality.


In addition to the bank’s features, an added bonus is the in-house coffee shop, The HideAway Vault. We positioned the counter of the shop to be conveniently located next to the main door; that way patrons can easily grab a to-go cup on their way out.


This project is the embodiment of modern style paired with a warm atmosphere. It balances striking elements of steel, silver, and glass with casual and approachable comfort. Make sure to take a look for yourself next time you’re in the neighborhood, and grab a cup of coffee while you’re at it!



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