100_0722 Today was a great day for the community of Northfield. After resting a year in front of the Malt-O-Meal corporate facility, the Harvest sculpture has come home to its proper place! It was moved this morning to the sculpture pad at the center of the new Water Street parking area. It sits in a place of prominence….proudly overlooking both the river and the old Ames Mill in the background.

Northfield Construction Company assisted with the move, arranging for the sculpture to be100_0727 placed on a trailer. It was then craned off the trailer and set into place under the watchful eyes of noted bronze sculpture Ray ‘Jake’ Jacobsen. It was fun to see the excited twinkle in Jake’s eyes as the sculpture ‘flew’ off the trailer and settled into place in the previously registered anchor connections.

100_0731 This is truly a beautiful sculpture. Jake put a tremendous amount of time and energy into creating a sculpture that reflects so much of this area…from the wheat sheaves, to milling medallions and wheels, and the upreaching, welcoming heights. We are indeed fortunate to have such a talented man willing to create a lovely public sculpture for us all to enjoy. Now it will be shortly be ‘dressed’ in a fine pattern of granite pavers below the sculpture, adding the final touch to a great project. 


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