100_1029 Yesterday evening Ray Jacobson’s Harvest sculpture was officially dedicated. It was a perfect evening for such an event. People gathered at 5:30 around the sculpture in the new park along side the Cannon River.

We heard from representatives of Malt-O-Meal who so100_1025 generously gave financial support for the sculpture, as did the Northfield Area Foundation. Mayor Lee Lansing spoke to the assembled group about the importance of a vibrant arts community. But the best part of the evening was hearing Ray Jacobson describe the process of creating the sculpture and what it represents and means to him.

100_1024 As the evening progressed the sun started setting in the west, creating shadows and sun lines on the sculpture. It is something all of Northfield will enjoy for years to come. I am pleased that Northfield Construction was able to provide services to assist Ray in locating the sculpture in the new park.


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