I was in the Goodhue County government building in Red Wing yesterday attending 100_1296 to some business. I had not been in the building for many years. It is an absolutely beautiful example of early twentieth century public architecture. I believe it was constructed in 1931. The building reflects lots of the art deco themes prevalent in public buildings of that era.


100_1315 Many of the light fixtures in the building are wall mounted sconces. They have a soft nickel hue to them, although they may very well be constructed of100_1325 aluminum. The light cast by these fixtures is very warm against the wall finishes. Some areas of the building have a center mounted light fixture. These are also very detailed and cast a nice light. In the third floor courtroom there is a light fixture grid on the ceiling created from fluorescent 100_1318 light housed in fixtures. These fixtures cast a lot of light while adding an architectural element to the ceiling.




There is a three level rotunda in the center of the building. At the top of the rotunda is a art glass lit skylight. Below the skylight are painted panels representing activities from Goodhue County in the early area showing farming, river traffic, industry, etc.

 100_1297100_1320 100_1321

I also found some very nice wall paintings and plaster work in some of the offices.100_1322 100_1323 100_1326 100_1324

It is nice to see that Goodhue County has preserved this building so well. Many of the fittings and fixtures in the building are original and are in use today—and doing a fine job meeting their intended purpose.


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