100_3358 The geothermal heating system equipment is being connected at our East side new home project. This is the home that was featured in the recent Northfield News article about geothermal heating systems. The main in-ground lines come into100_3356 the home in the basement and terminate in a large collector valve. The lines are insulated to retain the ground temperatures as the fluid in the lines is processed through the geothermal compressor system….the large dark box on the floor in the photo.

At the far end of the equipment room is the furnace. For most of the time the furnace is used as a fan coil to distribute the warm air or cool air from the geothermal system. If there should be a problem with the geothermal system in delivering the amount of heat required to heat the home, the furnace is connected to natural gas. The furnace can heat the home in a conventional manner.

100_3357 The home has under-floor hydronic heating in the basement level. This system gets its heat from a compact wall mounted boiler. The in-floor heating tubes are connected to the boiler using manifolds so water flow can be varied. This boiler is connected to Xcel Energy’s off-peak electricity system through a second electric panel and meter. The cost of electricity supplied through this panel is much lower than the cost of the power supplied through the main house panel. Xcel is able to do this as they can shut the power off and on to balance their power loads.


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