100_3136 We compacted the garage floor soils at our East side house and installed reinforcing steel in preparation for pouring the concrete floor. Monday was a good day for this work. I like to reinforce garage floors with steel reinforcing bars as floors like this are subject to freezing100_3139 conditions. Most concrete floors this size will eventually crack. Having steel reinforcing in the floor tends to keep the concrete together and resists some cracking. We also cut control joints in the floor to help control cracking. On Tuesday we were able to pour the garage floor. In cooler weather like this we generally use a chemical accelerant in the concrete to make it set more quickly. It was a good thing we did that as about 3:30 it started to rain. We covered the exposed concrete floor with plastic, then covered the whole thing with curing blankets in case temperatures dropped.

100_3138 Our carpenters have been busy installing the floor system. In this home we are using 18” deep floor trusses for each of the two floor levels. Floor trusses are a great choice for finished areas as virtually all the mechanical and electrical systems can be contained within the floor trusses. This creates flat ceilings in the home. Everything has to be thought of ahead of time and designed accordingly. For example, we incorporate a chase space for the heating ducts to pass through the floor trusses vertically. This requires the trusses to be engineered to accommodate this space.