Four Fireplaces We Love

The fireplace traditionally has been a necessary component and the “heart” of a home, functioning as a source of heat for many families. Its ambience and comforting warmth now provides contemporary homeowners and designers with an aesthetically pleasing centerpiece for any room, balancing function with beauty. We selected some of our favorite fireplace designs for the home, featuring both more traditional and modern designs. Which fireplace would you like in your home? Comment below!

Traditional Fireplace

This more traditional fireplace gives the home a classic touch. The decorative, wooden mantel and the marble framed fireplace creates an antique-feel in this contemporary home. Traditional fireplaces give the homeowner an option for a fuel-powered flame or room to build a “real” fire using logs.

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Stone Fireplace

This stone fireplace gives the contemporary home a more natural feel. While the cost of installing a stone fireplace may be higher than other types of fireplaces, its design creates a warm, inviting feel to the room. These neutral tones help create an cozy environment perfect for entertaining guests and snuggling up with a good book.


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Cement Fireplace

This cement fireplace’s horizontal design runs parallel to the vertical wooden panelling, encompassing a more space conscious design. Its simplicity represents the contemporary thought of home design – less is more. This fireplace’s relatively inexpensive building material also allows new homeowners to save on costs, while still providing a beautiful centerpiece for the room.


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Metallic Fireplace

This extremely contemporary fireplace surrounded with a sleek, metallic backsplash turns an otherwise uninteresting wall into an ultramodern centerpiece. The mantle-less, mid-wall fireplace not only provides much sought after warmth in the winter, but allows for homeowners to mount either a large painting or (in this case) a television without subtracting from the room’s aesthetic value. Its stainless steel boarder perfectly frames the fireplace, adding a more futuristic look to design.


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