100_3758 A sturdy foundation is the key to any building project. For this new art studio building the architect and100_3767 engineers specified a reinforced cast concrete wall sitting on concrete footings. The wall forming system work moves along very quickly. The standard forms have special plywood faces backed by steel frames that connect together with pins to create the required wall forms. Once the steel is set into the wall forms we place the wet concrete mix.

100_3768 The concrete mix is supplied to the site in standard ready-mixed concrete trucks. The trucks dump their concrete into a hopper on a concrete pump truck. That truck in turn pumps the wet concrete out through a hose and into the forms. Very little concrete is wasted, the mix is kept at the proper consistency, and the work goes quickly.


100_3770 The concrete pump truck is controlled by the operator using a remote control panel. The operator clips the panel around him and is able to walk along with the workers as they direct the concrete hose. This allows the pump operator to slow down, speed up, or stop the flow of concrete, as well as keep the hose moving in the proper direction.


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