100_1089 We couldn’t have asked for better weather for the  start of this new home. The excavation went well and we are now installing the foundation. The first action for the foundation is to form and pour the concrete footings. We did that today.

The footings have steel reinforcing rods that project up100_1091 out of the concrete surface. These rods are set so that they will be in the middle of the foundation wall. We  will tie the foundation wall steel to these steel bars to create a fully reinforced concrete foundation.

100_1090 We are using a product called Form-A-Drain on this project. This is a rigid form material that is hollow. It has drainage slots that allow water to enter and flow in the interior channel. The advantage of this product is that you set it in place and use it as the concrete form, and it stays there for the drainage system. This eliminates installing separate draintile. It also goes in dead level so water flows well to the sump basket or exterior drainage pipe. We cover the Form-A-Drain with washed pea rock to make sure it doesn’t become clogged with silt. In this case the home has a walk-out lower level so we are draining the system to a solid pipe that exits the lowest point of the foundation and terminates to daylight on the sloped site.


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