Chris Kennelly On Forever Homes

Forever homes, or age-in-place homes, are a great option for homeowners to make a lasting investment in their residence. We sat down with Chris, our co-owner, to further explore the subject.

What qualifies a home as a “forever home”?

A smart designed home with single level living or space dedicated for an elevator, wide driveways, proper blocking and backing for future grab bars, lighting, outlet and switch heights, and many other well thought out ideas.

Who builds forever homes? Why?

We have worked with a wide array of clients looking at forever homes from young couples getting ready to start a family to empty nesters.The Baby Boomers are very interested in “aging in place.” The forever house lets them do that. Given their appeal to many different groups, I believe forever homes with smart design will hold their value.

What are the options to make it affordable?


Not finishing the basement is a good idea depending on the owner’s need for space. It’s also easier to build a home designed to age in place, since it can be very challenging to make an entry home ready for aging in place. Starting to invest before you build is best. If you are building quite early, be sure to design a smart home with the long range in mind for all life’s cycles.



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