Five Kitchen Islands We Love

There’s a lot of benefits to having a kitchen island: extra storage, additional family seating, more counter space, etc. Whether you’re looking for a space to install additional kitchen amenities or looking to add more cabinetry, kitchen islands work great in terms of both form and function. We hope to offer a little remodel inspiration with a collection of our favorite kitchen islands! Do you have a kitchen island in your home? Don’t forget to comment below!


This extra large kitchen island provides an ample amount of counter space for dining and/or preparing large meals. If you have the space in your kitchen, consider expanding your existing island.

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This rustic kitchen island looks amazing against the brick vaulted ceiling. The subtle green and brown hues combined with the “washed” look would add style to any country kitchen. We especially love the symmetry between the island counter top and the wooden floor.

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This modern kitchen island design incorporates simplicity and space-saving design. We love how the island’s open shelving reflects the kitchen’s wall design, while still providing amble space for storage.

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If you have a smaller kitchen, you may consider adding a half kitchen island. Not only does this island provide a quaint place to have a quick meal, but it functions as a spacial divider between the kitchen and other rooms of the home. If you’re a big fan of open design and want to remodel, tear down a kitchen wall and add a small island.

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We love this unique kitchen island for simple one reason: it provides a charming pet area, along with incorporating beautiful design. There’s a good amount of space for pet food/treat storage and an area for food dishes. What’s not to love?

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