In spite of rather hot and humid weather, the workers have been forging ahead with the First National Bank-south building project. We have the majority of the structural steel in place and are welding joints now. The exterior steel wall framing is mostly complete and workers have started on wall sheathing….

I was downtown earlier this week and a lady said to me “I certainly hope the bank isn’t going to remain that bright yellow color!” I reassured her that she was seeing the exterior covering of the fire resistive gypsum and that the bank will be a lovely mix of brick masonry and natural granite panels.

The views from the second floor if the bank are something. You can see south out over the Target and Cub buildings….

And west out over highway #3 and the Cannon River. The holding pond you see is designed to retain storm water runoff and let the silt settle out before it heads across the road to the river…

I think there were many areas of steel in the bank this week where an egg could be fried right in the open!


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