We have just about finished all the heavy work on the exterior of the First National Bank-south that we are constructing. The last brick areas are being cleaned today…

The canopy for the drive-through tellers has been erected and the side parapet framing installed……

As all this work starts to wrap up we rearrange the site, moving job trailers, etc. We also get to clear the site a bit by removing equipment that is no longer needed. Today the mortar bin was loaded up and sent away….

Polzin Glass is working at installing the windows in the building. The divided patterns for the windows look very nice….

We are going full speed ahead with drywall on the interior surfaces, including the drop down featured areas that will project below the acoustical ceilings. Some of this work involves curves and bend making it tricky construction….

Workers are installing heating and cooling equipment, including compressors that mount on the roof area….

We are holding to schedule and the building is really starting to look great.