100_2249 Our work on phase one at Wells Fargo is drawing to a close. The project has been phased so that banking work can continue during the construction process. The first phase involved leaving the existing entrance and teller lines in place and constructing a new entrance and teller line. Once this work is complete the bank staff will switch over to the newly remodeled area and we will go to work on phase two.

100_2246 The new teller line has been set in place. It looks very nice with smooth synthetic writing surfaces trimmed in hardwood. The work stations are also being finished up. New carpet flooring finishes up the major work.

One of the challenges of this phase of the work was the100_2250 installation of an 8” commercial drive-up teller tube. The architects figured out how to maneuver the tube up the outside of the building and through the structure of the building….quite a job! Work is not finished on this project, but it has been tested and works.