100_2357 Finishing work is coming along very nicely at the Apple Valley Senior Center we are working on. Last week our carpenters installed the woodwork and trim all along the stairway. This area has several openings trimmed in oak that will eventually have translucent decorative panels inserted into the openings.


There are lots of bright, airy rooms in the building. Some will be used for education100_2364 classes, others for art and craft classes, etc. Most of the rooms have some type of cabinetry, many with sinks. The windows look out onto the ball fields and playgrounds of adjacent public spaces which creates a lovely setting

100_2372 There is a very good sized dining room for congregate dining. It is served by a kitchen on one end where workers are busy putting the finishing touches on the cabinets and equipment.


The building also has a small auditorium with stadium type seating. This will be a 100_2369 great space for lectures or small performances. It isn’t so huge that a small audience would feel lost in the room.

100_2355 The exterior of the building is just about completed too. Sidewalks are going in and the landscape work will be started later this week.


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