How to Finish an Unfinished Basement

You’re considering remodeling your basement, maybe to add more value to your home or maybe to give your family extra space to grow. Either way, you’re not quite sure the type of remodel you want for your basement. To help you decide, we’ve put together a quick list of popular basement remodels.


Family Room

A family room tends to be the most popular choice for a basement remodel. The versatile lounging space provides comfort and relaxation any of the family members can enjoy. When creating a family room, take measurements and map out your floor plan before remodeling. Consider using more neutral colors for the space and choosing a variety of furniture sizes to help keep the room well-balanced and aesthetically pleasing. If you plan on mostly watching movies in your family room, you’ll want to consider the level of natural light you plan on letting into the basement.


Entertainment Room

An entertainment room can be a great place for parties or entertaining a small group of guests. A fun-filled entertainment room may have sports memorabilia hanging from the walls or a small bar. When creating an entertainment room, you’ll want to consider your budget and pick a theme. If you’re a big baseball fan, you may want to make the room baseball themed. Having a theme or an exciting color palette will help you create a exciting environment.



A basement remodel may be the best solution to accommodate your growing family. Whether you’re looking to create a guestroom or extra bedroom, you’ll want to consider who will be living there. If you plan on adding a bedroom for a family member, ask them for remodeling suggestions or their opinion. Always remember to stay within your budget. If you’re planning on adding a guestroom, make sure you use subtle neutral colors and choose a room with the most natural lighting. No natural lighting? Try to create a guestroom with lighter neutral colors and decorate using larger paintings to give the room more depth.



You’re finally remodeling your basement and you decide you want to make it a space for the kids. That’s great! For a playroom, consider using minimal amounts of furniture and large decorations. Keep the space simple and as open as possible. Remember, you’re kids will eventually grow and you may want to turn the space into a family room. Unless you don’t plan on remodeling again in the future, planning a smaller budget and minimal remodel will help you same some money.


*Remember, when you’re remodeling your basement, always check for potential water damage problems. Do not build over problem areas with high moisture or mold. This will only exacerbate the problem and can be costly to repair.

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