100_3328 We are just about finished with the siding on our East side new home. This home incorporates fiber-cement siding and trims for the exterior surfaces. This product provides a very crisp, clean look that fits in well with this Craftsman style home in an existing neighborhood.

For most of the home we used a 6” exposure on the lap100_3304 siding. This is in keeping with the siding used in many of the older homes in the area. We also incorporated a water table at the base of the siding which is often used in older homes. In a similar fashion, we incorporated banding trim below the main floor windows at the mid-point of the second floor windows. The siding terminates at a frieze board trim just under the roof soffits.

The lower portion of the house is sided with smooth sheets of fiber-cement siding. When the home is painted I think the trim and siding details will look wonderful.

100_3306 It is important to install fiber-cement siding properly. Some people think because there is cement in the product that it is indestructible. While it is a very tough product, you do need to be careful to see that moisture does not get behind the siding. We typically use backers behind joints and always try to run sliding from trim to trim wherever possible. It is crucial to incorporate metal flashings where there are transitions between siding and trims. When installed properly fiber-cement siding should give decades and decades of trouble free use.


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