100_1749 Work has progressed very well on the Faith Lutheran Church addition and remodeling project in Dodge Center. The mechanical and electrical subcontractors are busy getting their materials installed. Our carpenters are working on interior soffits and blocking in many areas. The sanctuary framing work is just about finished. One can get a good feeling for how the room will look and function.


100_1753 The last major structural task was completed last week as well. This involved inserting a very large steel box beam to support the existing roof structure. The new beam allowed us to remove a large section of wall in the former sanctuary, tying the new and existing areas100_1756 together nicely. It was quite a trick getting the beam and columns in place this far inside the building. To support things we excavated below the existing floor levels and placed new concrete footings under the new steel columns.


100_1746 Exterior framing work is just about finished as well. There are four very nice ‘bump-outs’ in the exterior walls. These contain tall narrow windows which admit light into the sanctuary. The triangular roofs look great. The light is very nice in the morning as it filters in from the east. Exterior brickwork is just getting underway.


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