Exterior Holiday Lights Safety Tips (Part 2!)

We shared part one of this blog last year, and we’ve added even more safety tips for you to use in 2015! See the original post here.

It’s that time of the year again! You’re ready to hang or put up your holiday decorations. But, not so fast. We put together a few tips that cover exterior holiday light safety. Make sure you review these safety tips and ask a family member or friend to help you out. We want to you have a safe and fantastic holiday season! Did you find these tips useful? Comment below!

Hang exterior lights with a buddy. Whenever you plan on using a ladder or working on a dangerous, icy surface, you should ask a buddy to come help you. They’ll be able to help secure your ladder and monitor your progress from the ground.

Use light clips. Don’t put yourself in danger by trying to rig up some solution to make your lights stay in place. Using the right tools will make it easier, and safer, to get your lights right.

Plan before you hang. Make sure all of your lights work before you go to hang them. Also, make sure you have enough lights/extension cords to complete your holiday decoration. You want to do as little running around as possible. This helps minimize the risk of injury.

Check the cables. Make sure all of your lights and extension cords are in good shape. There shouldn’t be any exposed wiring or empty light sockets. If you notice any damage, replace the lights or cords.

Use exterior lights only. To avoid electrical shock and damage to your home, use lights labeled as exterior outdoor lighting. Lights labeled for indoor use will not work outside, and vise versa.

Secure your ladder. If you plan on using a ladder, you should go over the instructions before use and follow standard ladder safety tips. Keep your hands free and have two feet on the ladder at all times.

Avoid standing on your roof. If you can, avoid going on your roof in the winter. You’re more likely to suffer from a slip or a fall. Try to keep decorations within reach of your ladder or the ground.

Use a handy hook, or some other extendable arm, to help with hard to reach places. You might be able to avoid using a ladder or making dangerous reaches.

Hang light clear of any power or feeder lines. Your holiday decorations should not dangle off or near any power lines or cables running from your home.


Holiday Light Tips - NCC

Here’s more tips on how to hang exterior lights for your holiday decorations from Lowe’s!


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  • NCCBlog

    Posted on Dec 30, 2015 at 16:09 pm

    My grandparents were wanting me to go over to their house to take off their Christmas lights now that Christmas is over. I'm glad that I read this beforehand, because I was totally just going to get up on top of the roof. I'll make sure to stay on the ladder, rather than risking a slip. Thanks for sharing this!

    • NCCBlog

      Posted on Dec 31, 2015 at 22:28 pm

      Glad you'll be staying safe! What a good grandkid for doing that. Good luck!

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