DSCF2851 Earlier this spring we remodeled a front porch for a client. It was a fairly simple job, but made the space much more useable for them. The south facing front porch was fully screened. They enjoyed sitting in the porch many evenings protected from bugs. However, they wanted to enjoy the porch a bit more into the cold weather. They also wanted to be able to open the porch and enjoy our summer evenings.

DSCF2922 The client worked with our Project Manager Phil Olson  to come up with an enclosure system that suited their needs and budget. Phil installed DSCF2924sliding patio doors and the long walls. He sized the doors to fit between the existing structural support columns. On the end of the porch he removed the existing screen door and installed a new hinged door. A railing along side the new door completed the work.

The end result of the project was exactly what the client wanted….a porch that stays cleaner, stays warmed in the winter and has enough screened natural ventilation openings to feel like a porch in the summer. Prefinishing the wood trims in our shop kept the construction time and mess to a minimum.