Elko Addition and Remodel

We have been working inside on our Elko New Market addition and remodeling project. We’ve finished all the insulation and drywall work.

Blilie Dec 6 (7)This addition has in floor heating on both the main level and lower level. Our mechanical contractor installed the heating tubes on the wood subfloor of the main level. Then we had a Gypcrete contractor come to the site and pump Gypcrete over the tubing. Gypcrete is a gypsum and cement product that flows out a hose and self levels. It encapsulates the heating tubes and provides a nice, level, warm floor. Just about any type of finish floor can be installed over the Gypcrete. In this instance most of the flooring will be ceramic tiles.


Blilie Dec 6 (5)The heating tubes are brought back to one location and tie into a manifold. The amount of warm water that flows into the loop in each room can be regulated to that each room can have a slightly different temperature setting.


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