DSCF3106 We continue to work on upgrading the elevators atDSCF3107 Carleton College. Some are more challenges than others. On the present elevator we had to secure glazed block in a similar color and pattern to match the 1954 work. That is not always easy to do….this order came to us from a Texas fabrication plant. But the end result looks good and will provide a very durable finish. It takes a bit of work to fit the blocks in around the various elevator control panels.

100_3459 In a related elevator comment, Ellen and I were in100_3458 downtown Minneapolis earlier this week. We stopped by to look at the Hennepin Central Library. I had not seen the building before and wanted to look at it. One of the impressive features is the two elevators that run up an interior courtyard. The elevators are all glass so you can watch things as you go up and down.

100_3456 I also saw a lovely wooden arch that I believe was removed from an earlier library and relocated into this new building. The caring on the entry arch is remarkable.


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