100_3447 Our East side new home is progressing nicely. Our100_3445 carpenters have been busy with the stairway to the second floor. The stair is constructed of red oak as is all the trim in the home. The stairs has open railings with balusters and newel posts. This type of stairway is a challenge for carpenters because it uses what is called a reverse skirt board at the open areas. A reverse skirt has a mitered joint at each tread where the riser meets the skirt board. This requires the skirt board to be cut with all the miters, set in place, then each riser and tread fit. It takes some time but it makes a very pretty staircase.

100_3423 We have set the custom bookcases in the hallway. The100_3422 shelves in these bookcases are about 10” deep. Most of the shelves are adjustable to suit the size of books and art work to be displayed here. We also have the seats set in place in the eating nook at the kitchen. This is a really nice spot with east views of the backyard.

100_3446 The music room is flanked by some smaller bookcases set on the floor, with oak columns extending up to the lowered ceiling. The ceiling in the music room has some oak trim on it as well. This creates a very nice setting for the piano.


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