East Side New Home

Workers have been busy on the new home we are constructing on the East side of Northfield. With the recent good weather we have been working on the siding. The house wrap and windows were installed a couple of weeks ago. With that task completed we are now working on siding. This house is using fiber-cement lap siding on the main body. The gable ends of the house have fiber-cement shingle style siding. We are incorporating various window trim boards, frieze boards, and mouldings to give the house a good Craftsman feel.

While we have been working outside the insulation contractor is working inside. This home has 8″ thick frame walls. We are spraying about 1.5″ of foam insulation into the wall cavities. Then the remaining 6″ of the cavity will be filled with blown in fiberglass insulation. This provides a very high R-value in the walls at a reasonable cost. We are also spraying 3.5″ of foam in the floor rim joist areas. With the amount of bracing, blocking, etc in this area the foam insulation is an excellent choice to seal up areas.


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