East Side New Home

We have made great progress over the past few weeks at our new home on the East side of Northfield. The vast majority of the siding work has been completed now, with just some trim work to go. We used lap fiber-cement siding for the main body of the home, with shingle style fiber-cement on the gable ends. The corner boards, frieze boards and water table boards make the house look great and fit in well to the existing neighborhood.

Today the workers are busy laying the concrete floor in the detached garage. We had some poor soils on the site so the garage foundation wall extend down 8′ to solid bearing soils. We filled the interior of the garage space with clean granular material, compacting it as we went to provide an excellent base for the floor. As with virtually all our projects, we obtain our concrete mix from Cemstone Products here in town. They give us great service and have high quality concrete mixes.

The drywall has been installed on the interior walls and ceilings of the home. The main floor has a couple of areas where we have arched openings. Those provide a nice ‘soft’ feeling in the home and look great. Having the drywall installed really makes a change to the house as the rooms are now well defined. Sometimes clients are surprised at how the rooms feel after walking around in the house with open studs.


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