100_3230 Our East side home in Northfield has been making good progress in recent days. The workers completed the roof systems and asphalt shingles on the home. They have now moved on to framing the garage and screen porch. These are one-story portions that extend from the east side of the home. It was more efficient for the workers to work on and complete the roof on the two-story home first.

Yesterday our workers set up the lower level to get ready for laying the concrete100_3231 floor. We’ve done quite a bit of preparation for this earlier before the floor system was installed. That early work included installing drainage rock, perimeter drains, cross drains, and a sump pit. Once the gravel was leveled we installed a heavy vapor membrane on top of the gravel. This will keep moisture from migrating up into the concrete slab and will also keep radon gas from penetrating the slab.

100_3233 On top of the moisture membrane we next installed rigid Styrofoam insulation….the pink stuff in this photo. This keeps the concrete floor from being in direct contact with the soils under the slab. We do this because this home has in-floor heating in the lower level. Our heating contractor installed plastic piping on top of the insulation. The tubing lines are brought up out of the floor at the edge of the mechanical room. An air test is applied to the tubing before the concrete is placed to make sure there are no leaks or problems. When warm water is circulated through the heating tubing the concrete floor heats the room—and keeps everyone’s feet warm and toasty. This is a great way to heat a home.