100_3146 With some good weather the past few days we are starting to make good progress with the carpentry work on our east side home. The main level floor has been installed. Carpenters are working at erecting the main level exterior walls. As the walls go up they are covered with Tyvek house wrap membrane. This material provides a water resistant barrier on the exterior while allowing any moister trapped in the wall to migrate through the membrane to the outdoors.

100_3145 As soon as we had the south exterior wall erected our electrician, Schulz Electric, came to the site to install the electric service. Xcel Energy will not run power into a new home site until the service has been installed. You will notice in the photo that there are two electric meter sockets. This home will be heated and cooled with a ground source geo-thermal system. The pumps for the system will run on an off peak electric meter to help keep operational costs low.