100_4088 We recently completed a remodeling project on a house for a client. Our work mainly involved rearranging walls, renewing the bathrooms, providing handicap access, electrical upgrades, etc. When we finished the work and the client started using the home they noticed that one room was not cooling properly. We investigated and discovered that the supply register in the room was not connected to the building heating and cooling system. This was most likely part of an earlier remodeling where someone removed the duct feeding the room. The owner did not notice the problem when they purchased the home and we did not operate the heating and cooling system as part of our work. We did manage to arrive at a solution to remedy the problem. We removed an upper and lower cabinet in the kitchen, cut a hole in the wall behind the cabinets, and ‘fished’ a duct up the wall into the room. By the end of the day the room was cooling properly.

These are the types of things that can pop up unexpectedly when doing remodeling work, especially if a house has not been owned long before the remodeling project is undertaken.


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