100_3308 We have just completed drywall finishing at the new home we are building on Northfield’s East side. With the very cold weather it was tough to keep enough air and heat circulating in the home, but we managed to do it. We are not operating the permanent furnace so the air distribution is not great and create cold ‘pockets’ in some of the smaller rooms.


The main floor of this home has 9’ high ceilings so we use 54” drywall. That allows us100_3310 to cover the wall surfaces with two sheets of drywall with a tapered seam in the middle of the wall. That seems to work very will and creates a nice, flat, smooth wall. The ceilings are finished with a very light texture which breaks up light refection. The drywall finishers do most of the high work from stilts. This allows them to get close to their work without having to climb up and down ladders….but it takes getting used to walking on tall stilts!


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