100_3299 Our elevator improvement project at Carleton College has been moving along. We did encounter one issue that was a bit of a setback for us. When workers disassembled the parts at one of the existing elevators they discovered that the existing hole at the base of the elevator was crooked and out of plumb. The hole apparently was drilled this way. The new hydraulic piston/shaft is larger than the old shaft, so it could not be mounted properly in the crooked hole. This required that we drill a new hole for the elevator.

100_3297 The drilling crew moved in a large, old drilling unit. As you can see from the size of the unit, this was not an easy task. They have been having some difficulty in getting the existing steel casing pulled out of the hole in preparation for drilling the new hole. Hopefully things will go better today and they will make some progress in drilling.


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