Draftsman vs. Architect

In the world of construction, two terms that commonly get thrown around are Draftsman and Architect. Most of us have heard both of these titles before, and some of us even clump them together. In the grand scheme of things, they are pretty much the same, right? Well, actually, that is wrong. Draftsmen and Architects have some similarities, but along with those come distinct responsibilities which distinguish them from one another.

Draftsman – Defined

An easy way to remember the role of a Draftsman is simply by looking at their title. To draft is to create a preliminary version of something to help guide you towards the final result. Draftsmen are the masterminds behind both mechanical and structural drawings in the early process of a project.

What an individual Draftsman does is dependent upon their area of expertise. Some Draftsmen work with Architects on structural constructions, while others may specialize in drawings of circuitry. In residential homebuilding, Draftsmen can often handle all of the client’s needs on drawing a home for permit and construction.

Architect – Defined

Beautiful buildings, sturdy homes and impressive structures would be nothing without the men and women who design them. Architects are professionals who design, plan, and oversee the construction of buildings every step of the way. Architects can also specialize in fields such as landscape design, in which their role is essentially the same, just placed in a different setting.

Architects create drawings in the sense that Draftsmen do, only these drawings must ensure that the project follows ordinances such as zoning laws and building codes. Once the design is complete, Architects follow along with the construction as it progresses, seeing it through to completion.

How We Choose

When applying this to residential homebuilding, Northfield Construction Company works with out clients to learn about their project and see if a Draftsman or Architect is the right choice. If a client has a good idea of the floor plan, layout, and is fine selecting their own finishes, then often times a Draftsman is the correct choice. If clients need a more detailed design or need more assistance with the layout, an Architect is a more desirable option.

Though their job descriptions may differ, Draftsmen and Architects have the same goal: to create and produce something that they are proud of and want to let other people experience. They both play a role in planning and executing elements of our everyday lives.










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