100_0791 Our work at the Dodge County Courthouse in Mantorville is moving along nicely. One of the major tasks at hand is getting scaffold properly erected around the building. The old Courthouse is a tall structure…on top of a tall hill….adjacent to a state highway. Those things come together to create a real challenge for the scaffold erection company. But they seem to have this somewhat difficult job well under control.

We are busy with significant structural repairs and reinforcements inside the attic area of the100_0780   building. Originally constructed in 1865, the wood frame roof is actually very substantial, but slightly undersized. Our work involves installing many new roof rafters as well as cross bracings. The end result with be a significantly stronger roof system that will be able to accept a new modern, heavy weight roof covering. The structural engineers have specified a thorough system of beams, connectors and fasteners that should tie the old work and new work together for another 150 years!

100_0788It is a challenge for the workers to work around all the existing mechanical equipment, beams, cupola braces, etc. The court is often in session just below the workers so we have to be aware of noise for the county staff as well.


Yesterday after a job meeting I spent a few moments looking around in Mantorville…what a charming town. I know that at one time there were several limestone quarries operating in the area. Because of that there are some lovely stone buildings in the area.

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