Discover The Best Gifts For Your Favorite DIY-er

December is upon us, and holiday shopping is at its peak. Don’t lose a minute shopping for the DIY-er and home remodeler in your life. Take a look at an expert’s list of favorites, and take your pick.

Adjustable Wrench (via)

This tool should be in every DIY-er’s toolbox. It’s practically universal, and because it’s adjustable, it makes room for other tools.

Adjustable Wrench









Power Screwdriver (via)

For the small projects where you must use a screwdriver, but don’t want to spend hours on a simple task. This power screwdriver uses gyroscopic technology offers a new twist on screwdriving by sensing your motion. Outstanding control and variable speed make household tasks a cinch.

















Dead on Annihilator (via)

It’s just as impressive as it sounds. If your DIY-er loves to wreck things, this is the ultimate tool. It features a demolition hammer, drywall rip axe, wrench, and chisel. You can also use the tool to adjust boards into place.

Dead On















Sonicrafter Oscillating Multi-Tool (via)

If you want to cut something quickly, efficiently, and without hiccups, this multi-tool is your solution. It’s rated well, and it does it all. What DIY-er wouldn’t love a tool like this?

RockwellThe Beginner’s Tool Set (via)

Perhaps the recipient isn’t a DIY expert quite yet, but they have big dreams. If they don’t have the foundation they need, completing just about any project will be a bumpy road. Give them their first starter kit.

Tool set

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