My youngest daughter, Diana, turned 21 last Wednesday. Diana is our New Year’s baby from 1984, winning the Northfield New Year’s Baby Derby that year. It hardly seems possible that our little New Year’s Baby is 21 years old already!

Diana has a cousin, Anna Cox, that was born the same day in 1984. Anna is the daughter of my brother Robert and Susan Bierman. This year the cousins are both attending St. Olaf College. It is fun for them to see each other on campus.

The Northfield News recently ran a human interest story about Diana and Anna titled Bound by a shared day and caught them collecting their free birthday sandwichs at Hogan Brothers in Northfield.

The Northfield News sponsors a New Year’s Baby Derby and each year Ellen and I are reminded of our special day with Diana in 1984 as they list the names for each year. Congratulations to all the parents and children on the long New Year’s baby list.


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