100_3959 Workers at the dental office expansion and remodeling100_3960 have been completing various operations over the past couple of weeks. The stone masons have finished much of the exterior stone work. The stucco contractor has applied stucco on the addition and is working on areas of the existing building. Roofers are installing flashings at the roof edges. There even has been some minor landscape work completed.

100_3962 Interior surfaces in the addition have mainly been finished. The cabinet contractor is installing the cabinets and miscellaneous millwork items. A dental office like this has quite a bit of cabinet work. Once the addition is mainly complete the dentists will move into the new space while we start renovations of the existing office space.



100_3964 One interesting feature on this project is a ‘wave wall’. This is a section of the wall that waves both in and out horizontally as well as waving up and down vertically. It took some thinking to get it worked out right, but the end result looks good….although it is hard to see without contrasting paint colors applied yet.


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