100_3786 Work has been progressing well on our dental project in Prior Lake. The roof and walls have been completed on the addition and are watertight. We have installed several of the large windows on the addition. The windows are fixed aluminum units and allow light to cascade into the new rooms.

The stone masons have been busy on the exterior100_3787 stone work. They are using a drystacked stone that looks very nice. We will soon be applying Portland stucco to other areas of the wall.

100_3789 The interior walls on this addition are mainly steel framing. This is done to create flat, straight wall surfaces. Most of the interior steel studs have been erected. One area of the building has a ‘wave wall’ on it. This was a challenge to frame as the wall bends in and out as well as up and down. I’m sure it will look great when the drywall is installed and painted.

100_3793 The exterior walls on the new addition are fairly tall….about 17’. Because of this height the engineers determined that we needed to use structural laminated lumber for the wall framing. The laminated 2×6 material is rather heavy to work with, but it creates strong, straight walls.


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